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The Potential with Facebook Ads

There is a lot of potential with Facebook ads that only some businesses are tapping into right now. Deciding to be one of them is a good step. Even so you might be wondering just what the hype is all about. Here are some example screen shots showing the cost per click for some targeted traffic on Facebook:


As you can see this ad ran with a cost of only .09 cents per click. That is very hard to find these days with ads. Most say this low cost won't last long but while it does, be sure to take advantage of it!

Relevancy is Key

If you also notice on this image there is a relevancy score of 9 out of 10. That means it's almost the highest relevancy possible which is just what Facebook wants. If you are going to show ads it should be to groups of people who want what you have to sell. When you are highly relevant then you get rewarded with better reach and less cost per click. The real key to relevancy is targeting. Get a free consultation by sending a voicemail on the right hand tab. We can talk about what's possible with your site and using Facebook ads.

Targeting with Facebook Ads

When I run your Facebook ad that relevancy is exactly what you get because I spend the time targeting the right audience. When I say time, it can be a lot of time depending on the audience. Yet it's all worth it because then when you create the ad image and copy it's in front of all the right people. Facebook makes targeting possible because of what they know about their users. By leveraging what's already there you are making sure you get the right people. When you target correctly you get relevancy scores like this:


That's 10 out of 10, the best you can get! The rest is figuring out the right image, copy, and landing page.

Facebook Ad Copy and Images

Facebook ad copy isn't something I do alone. I use your brain and what you know to get the right lingo. I then combine some tried and true copyrighting techniques to make clicks more likely to happen. It's a great combination of your deep knowledge of a niche combined with my copy writing skills and it works great. Of course no copy is complete without the image. Facebook is very strigent about their images. You can't have more than 25% text with the image. Even so there are some extras you can sneak in an image to make it more powerful. Good images take a little bit of time but again it's the first thing to grab attention so always worth it.

The Landing Page

The last part of getting an ad to work correctly is of course the landing page. The ad money will go to waste if you can't convert those who click over. That's why I create a custom landing page specifically for each ad or groups of similar ads. It's really important what you offer aligns with your page otherwise visitors bounce and you waste money. I take the time to sit down and create a landing page that engages and converts. Again, this takes time and can include video shorts but it's all worth the effort. Think about how much each customer is worth to you. It's a small fraction of what you spend getting them to join your audience. You do have a mailing list, right? If you don't I can help you get setup and start getting people joining your list. Since most don't become clients or customers on the first visit it's critical you entice them to come back. That's part of what email marketing is all about. A way to opt-in to your list is included on your landing page.

Retargeting with Facebook Ads

No mention of Facebook ads is complete without mentioning retargeting. Facebook allows you to create custom audiences out of people who have visited your website or just certain pages. This means if they don't take action you can have an ad appear just to them. It's a powerful tool and one used in most ad campaigns to follow up with people who might have taken action but didn't. Most are surprised at just how much retargeting can increase conversions.

Get a Free Consultation

You are only one step away from targeting the right people for your site. Get a free consultation and let's talk about the possibilities of using Facebook ads. They work and they aren't as expensive as you might think. Send a voicemail to the tab on the right and let me know the best time to reach you.

Oh one of the best parts I almost forgot to mention is the use of video!

Video Ads

Although video takes longer, you make it easier for any potential client to see what you have. They are able to just watch something and get it visually which often conveys a lot more than only text. I will often coordinate video ads into a campaign to increase the spread. When you get your free consultation ask about the first campaign video special!